The Cathedral Close Dental Practice fee guide

We factor into our fee structure the ability to spend as much time as needed for each consultation and treatment.  Our prices are from as each individual treatment will vary in its complexity but you will always be given a personalized treatment plan with more accurate prices before any course of treatment.

New patient examination £90

During this extended visit we will examine your soft tissues: such as lips and inside your cheeks and palate for any abnormalities. We will also check your hard dental tissues – your teeth, for any signs of disease such as decay and damage from other factors such as acid erosion or wear from grinding. We will also check any existing restorations you may have such as fillings or crowns or bridges and any removable prosthesis – dentures, for wear or damage. We will also examine the teeth’s supporting structures – the gums, for disease.  If necessary and appropriate we will take X-rays of your teeth during this visit which will help us detect hidden problems so they can be dealt with early. We may also take photos of your teeth which will help us monitor things and help us explain to you what we can see.

Routine examination


As we will already have examined your mouth in great detail and created records at your first visit, subsequent routine visits are generally a little shorter even though we will always re check everything very carefully. There is always time to discuss problems when needed.


£69.50 or with oraqix £79.50

Our hygienists offer 30 minute appointments and are also able to offer Oraqix® a non-injected local anesthetic gel which is gently placed on the gum to make the visit more comfortable.



We only use the best quality materials when we place our fillings as these have been developed by well-regarded dental companies who have excellent research and evidence bases behind them.

Amalgam fillings from £85

These are the traditional silver fillings which have excellent safety and longevity records.

White fillings from £90

These are a more cosmetic option than the silver fillings and sometimes can be more conservative than the silver fillings. These fillings are technique sensitive and take longer to do well.

Crowns, bridges and veneers from £575

Our local talented technician makes these for us using the most modern materials such as precious metal alloys, zirconium and emax porcelain.  Because we use a highly trained and experienced local technician we can offer a full range of options to restore your teeth.

Dentures from £350

We work with a local technician, using the best quality materials to create beautiful custom made dentures.

Extractions from £125

Extractions range in their complexity and should you need an extraction this will be discussed with you beforehand.

Root canal treatments from £350

Jo & Waheed will perform most routine root canal procedures but may suggest seeing our dentist with a special interest in endodontics, Antonios Glynis if appropriate.

Tooth Whitening from £350

We offer both in surgery and home whitening, Please contact reception for more information.